New members joining the Club with a friend as Full Members in the 2020-21 subscription year, only pay £600 each - a 50% saving for both players with all the benefits of a private members club and unlimited play.

For more information on this exclusive scheme please read full details below.

Members Rights

A Buddy Member will be a member of Epsom Golf Club and shall enjoy all rights and responsibilities commensurate with their category of membership. They shall be obliged to attend an induction meeting with a Captain of the Club and shall agree to be bound by the rules of the Club.

All playing Members are entitled to have a Central Database of Handicaps ID number and hold an official CONGU handicap.

All playing Members will be affiliated to either the Surrey County Golf Union or the Surrey County Ladies Golf Association and England Golf. There are affiliation fees which each member must pay. These fees will not be subject to any discount.

All playing Members will be eligible for a bar card and will be required to credit their card with the compulsory levy commensurate with their playing category. This compulsory levy shall be forfeited in the event of it remaining unspent at the end of their membership year. The Member’s Bar Card can be topped up any time using cash, card or cheque.

Guests may be introduced on payment of the guest rate green fee and in accordance with the same limitations imposed on all other Members.

All playing Members have access to reciprocal schemes of lower cost golf at other courses such as those specially arranged for Full and Intermediate Members, such as Smartgolfer Network and SHGCA.

Discounts and Subscriptions

Buddy Memberships consisting of two New Members shall enjoy a discount equivalent to 50% of the applicable Subscription Rate.

Buddy Memberships consisting of an Introducing Member and a New Member shall enjoy a discount equivalent to 25% of the applicable Subscription Rate.

Buddy Memberships consisting of an Introducing Member and a Returning Member shall enjoy a discount equivalent to 15% of the applicable Subscription Rate.

Discounts shall only be applicable to Subscriptions and not affiliation fees, insurances or bar card tariffs.

No other discounts shall be available in conjunction with the Buddy Membership discounts. This includes and is not limited to family and age-related discounts.

In the event of either, or both, Buddies falling within an Intermediate category, the quantum value of the discount available to both Buddies shall be limited to the value of the lower of the discount available to either.

In the event of a Buddy Membership being created part way through a Subscription Year, the New Members shall be invoiced for a full year at the Subscription Rate then applying. On or before the anniversary of the Member joining the Club, the Club shall raise an invoice for the remainder of the Subscription Year on a pro rata basis at the Subscription Rate then applying. This invoice shall be payable on or before the anniversary of joining. A late payment fee will apply if the invoice remains unpaid 14 days past the due date. This fee shall be the fee set by the Management Committee in relation to late payments of subscriptions in that Subscription Year.

An Introducing Member shall enjoy the discount arising from their participation in the Buddy Membership scheme against their next subscription invoice. This invoice shall be based on the Subscription Rate for the Subscription Year. An Introducing Member will be eligible for one Buddy discount in any one Subscription Year. In no circumstances will refunds of Subscriptions be payable.


The Buddy Membership application form must be completed by both applicants.

There is no restriction on Existing Members applying to be a Buddy in subsequent years. They must submit a new application form each year with details of their new Buddy.