12 Month Flexi-Membership £750, Inclusive Of levy plus affiliation and insurance fee of £25.50


The Flexible package is excellent value for golfers with a modern lifestyle who cannot justify an unrestricted full membership.  They are eligible to enjoy all the benefits and privileges of a private members club, seven days a week.

There are many Club benefits for Flexible members including;

 - Access to the 18 hole course
 - Gain an official WHS Handicap
 - Play in Club competitions*
 - optional Bar card discount of 12%
 - Access to social events
 - Represent the Club in Matches
 - Discounted member guest rates

Flexible members receive a swipe card topped up with 630 credits when they make their first annual payment. Each time they play a number of credits are deducted according to the time of day and day of the week. Members running low on credits can top-up a maximum of twice at £100 each time for a total of 200 extra credits and keep on playing.

The number of rounds that can be played with Flexible membership depends on when they are played. For example, the 630 credits gives around 20 rounds of golf when playing at weekend peak times. Playing on midweek afternoons results in the opportunity to play 30 rounds and topping up gives even more golf.

The membership card must be swiped in the Pro Shop or Bar every time a round is played. The Club’s software keeps a real-time record of the credits used. Unused credits will be forfeited in the event of them remaining unspent at the end of the membership year with the exception of a maximum of 100 credits may be rolled over if they were purchased as part of a top up and provided that the member renews their membership.

Bar Cards can be loaded separately with cash to pay for food and drink in the Clubhouse, entitling the member to12% discount on drink and food from the menu.

* The Flexible member is invited to play in all Monthly Medals, MWQC, Fri/Sat QC, Pro Shop competitions. They may also play in Cup competitions but only for handicap purposes and are not eligible to win. They are invited to play in the Winter League Series but can only compete for the weekly prizes and not the overall title.

Flexible Golf Credit Rates for 2023/24



Please contact the Director of Golf, Stuart Walker on 01372 741867 (option 1) should you wish to discuss this membership in more detail.